Apex Trend Low Adjustable Community Profiling Bed

Apex Trend Low Adjustable Community Profiling Bed
 Apex Trend Low Adjustable Community Profiling BedApex Trend Low Adjustable Community Profiling Bed 
  • Profiling bed with one of the lowest mattress platforms available
  • Ideal for maximising patient safety in a community care setting
  • Fully adjustable with an appealing domestic appearance
  • Supplied complete with side rails and an intuitive handset
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Apex Trend Low Adjustable Community Profiling Bed

When selecting a profiling bed for the community market, safety, hygiene and adjustment capability are all key to meeting all necessary care demands, and the lower the bed, the safer patients are from bed falls. The Apex Trend Low Adjustable Community Profiling Bed has been specifically designed to meet these demands within a community care environment, and features one of the lowest mattress platforms on the market when adjusted to its lowest setting. It features an attractive wooden design to complement virtually any environment, and is supplied complete with integral side rails and an intuitive handset that allows the patient and carer to adjust all aspects of the bed at the touch of a button.

While delivery and installation to mainland UK are included in the listed price, additional charges may apply depending on location and situational demands.

Key Features

  • Advanced low four-section profiling bed designed to meet the needs of the community market
  • Features one of the lowest mattress platforms available when at its lowest height setting
  • Low height and side rails combine to provide maximum patient safety from bed falls
  • Made to meet the safety and infection control demands of the modern healthcare market
  • Equipped with a range of adjustment capabilities for simple position changes
  • Four-section profiling allows for a range of adjustments and comfortable upright sitting
  • A number of seating options allow each user to choose their most comfortable position
  • Electrically powered backrest, knee break and height adjustment with manual leg section
  • Friendly and domestic appearance makes the bed suitable for almost all environments
  • Equipped with side rails as standard with intuitive controls of bed functions
  • Two-piece bed frame allows for easy assembly, disassembly and storage
  • Delivery and installation are included in the price
  • Designed with easy pit stop maintenance in mind for repairs without moving the bed
  • Mattress platform is designed for infection control to reduce the occurrence of pooling liquid
  • Handset allows for increased patient independence as they can control their own position
  • Equipped with four easily-manoeuvrable castors for transport and adjustment

Low Height for Patient Safety

Falls from bed are one of the most common causes of injury in community and care home settings, so it's important to have measures in place to minimise risk. This Trend Low features one of the lowest mattress platforms available on the market, lowering to just 23cm off the ground when at its lowest setting. To provide the highest level of safety possible, this low bed is best paired with a Crash Mattress to cushion any fall that may occur.

Designed for Domestic and Community Use

Featuring an attractive wooden frame, this highly capable bed is designed to meet all of the needs of the modern community healthcare environment. With a focus on increasing user independence, the bed is equipped with an intuitive handset for both patient and carer operation, and offers a number of comfortable seating option to suit each user's preference. It is designed to meet all safety and infection control guidelines, making it suitable for a wide range of care settings.

Apex medical trend profiling bed handset for community care environment
The intuitive handset allows the user to adjust their bed at the touch of a button to ensure constant comfort

Four-Section Profiling Capability

To ensure the bed can be adjusted for virtually every need, it features electrically powered height adjustment, as well as backrest and knee break tilt. The leg section is manually adjustable, allowing for versatile positioning for both comfort and care demands.

Integral Side Rails Included

To ensure all safety regulations are met, this bed is supplied complete with integral side rails that can be lowered out of the way below the mattress. It can also be adjusted in height, providing a safe resting position for the user as well as a safe working height for caregivers.

Simple Repair and Installation

Since community and domestic care environments can vary greatly in their capacity and layout, the Apex Trend Low is made for simple setup, storage, transport and repair. The two piece bed frame enables easy and quick installation, and ensures the bed can be transported and stored away without hassle. The bed is also made with easy maintenance in mind, as the majority of repairs can be carried out easily without the need to remove the bed from the care environment.

Technical Specifications

  • Mattress platform height: 23 - 63cm
  • Mattress platform dimensions (LxW): 190 x 90cm
  • Maximum patient weight: 140kg
  • Safe working load: 180kg
  • Power in: 1.5A max. at 230V AC 50 - 60Hz
  • Electrical shock protection: Class I, Type B
  • Warranty: Two years

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