SEERS Medical Signature Low Home Care Bed

SEERS Medical Signature Low Home Care Bed
  • Low four-section profiling bed to reduce risks of injury from falls
  • Ideal to enhance safety for those at risk of falling from bed
  • Cost-effective option for the community and home care sectors
  • Features GoSlow GoLow technology for smooth movements
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SEERS Medical Signature Low Home Care Bed

Falls from bed are one of the most common causes of injury in a nursing home or home care environment, so everything possible should be done to reduce this risk. The SEERS Medical Signature Low Home Care Bed is designed with a low height of just 13.5cm off the ground, minimising any risk to the patient from falls. Smooth and safe height adjustments are provided by the GoLow GoSlow movement system, while the Perceptive Profiling System minimises patient shear and friction during profiling to make this bed as comfortable and safe as possible.

Key Features

  • Four-section low profiling bed with a number of unique safety features built-in
  • Low height of just 13.5cm off the ground minimises injury risk from falls
  • Highly-equipped and cost-effective option for the community market
  • Ideal for use in residential and home care environments
  • Unique GoLow GoSlow movement system provides smooth and gradual height adjustment
  • Movement is automatically slowed as the approaches its lowest height
  • Includes vascular and fowler leg rest positioning to maximise comfort and adaptability
  • Perceptive Profiling System (PPS) facilitates positioning while minimising friction during profiling
  • Intuitive handset with security lockout function included
  • Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg tilt included as standard
  • Large variable height range from 13.5 - 59cm for a safe working height
  • Separates into four section for easy assembly, installation and transport
  • Can be installed and disassembled by a single person
  • Equipped with Tente soft synthetic castors with 100mm diameter
  • Integral bed extension allows bed to be extended by 17.5cm for taller users
  • Frame made with an 'Obround' design for easier patient transfers
  • Folds into a compact and convenient transport unit
  • Head and footboards are curved to provide patient with a great field of view
  • Deck slats are PU coated for improved infection control and durability
  • Frame is antibacterial and power-coated

Low Height for Safety

While standard profiling beds may not seem excessively high off the ground, the extra distance can present a significant risk of injury for vulnerable patients. This bed positions the patient at just 13.5cm off the ground at its lowest height, minimising any risk of injury from falls. This bed is best used with a crash or fall mat, as is displayed in the image above.

GoLow GoSlow System

While efficient height adjustment is important, ensuring the beds movements are smooth enough to avoid jarring the patient is crucial for both safety and comfort. The GoLow GoSlow movement system makes sure movements are slow and smooth, avoiding any abrupt stops when the bed reaches its maximum or minimum height.

Shear Reduction Profiling

Bedbound patients are often at risk of pressure sore development, which can be exacerbated by the friction and shear forces that are placed on the patient's skin during reclining and other profiling functions. The Perceptive Profiling System of the Signature Standard Bed allows all sections of the bed to move as one, minimising friction and shear forces to put as little stress on the skin of the patient as possible.

Range of Positioning Options

This bed is fully equipped to allow a wide range of patient positions, allowing nurses and carers to put the patient in the perfect position for medical procedures and comfort. Allowing both Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positioning, as well as vascular and leg rest positioning, this bed provides a remarkable range of options at this price point.

Hygienic Design

The Signature Standard Home Care Bed is built for safety, meaning all precautions were taken with regards to hygiene and cleanliness. The frame is powder-coated and antibacterial, while the enforced PU deck slats are easy to clean, offering enhanced infection control and reducing maintenance costs over time.

Technical Information

  • Safe working load: 250kg (39 stone)
  • Maximum patient weight: 215kg (34 stone)
  • Mattress platform dimensions: 196 x 80cm
  • Standard bed length: 198cm
  • Bed length with extension: 215.5cm
  • Bed width: 80cm
  • Height range: 13.5 - 59cm
  • Back rest angle: 0 - 73°
  • Vascular leg rest angle: 27°
  • Fowler leg rest angle: 24°
  • Trendelenburg tilt: -12°
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg tilt: 12°
  • Transport frame dimensions (DxHxW): 65 x 135 x 98.5cm
  • Synthetic castors: 100mm diameter
  • Weight
    • Wooden head board and motor: 18.5kg
    • Wooden foot board and motor: 18.5kg
    • Head frame section: 23.5kg
    • Foot frame section: 22kg
    • 2 x Transport unit brackets: 1kg each
    • Total bed weight: 84.5kg

Please note: While a pressure relief mattress and a crash mattress are included in the image above, this is for demonstration purposes only and this bed is supplied on its own without a mattress.

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Delivery of the SEERS Medical Signature Low Home Care Bed

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