Alerta Alertamat Wireless Bed Sensor Mat

Alerta Alertamat Wireless Bed Sensor Mat
 Alerta Alertamat Wireless Bed Sensor MatAlerta Alertamat Wireless Bed Sensor Mat 
  • Wireless mat to alert carers if a patient leaves their bed
  • Ideal for use in care homes, hospitals and residential care
  • Connects wirelessly to the Alerta Wall Point Receiver
  • Provides immediate notification of patient falls and wandering
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Alerta Wall Point Wireless ReceiverAlerta Wall Point Wireless Receiver

Alerta Alertamat Wireless Bed Sensor Mat

For patients with low mobility or those suffering from dementia, it's crucial that carers are quickly alerted of any fall from bed or unattended wandering. The Alerta Alertamat Wireless Bed Sensor Mat can be placed on a mattress to provide instant notification to carers when a patient leaves their bed, sending a signal to a connected nurse call system or standalone receiver to allow care teams to ascertain the patient's safety.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Alerta Alarm Sensor Mat
  • 1 x Wireless Transmitter

Please note: The Wireless Alertamat Bed Sensor Mat requires the Alerta Wall Point Wireless Receiver for operation. You can add the receiver to your order using the drop-down menu above.

How Does the Alertamat Work?

The Alertamat Bed Pressure Alarm Mat features a pressure sensor to detect when a patient leaves their bed in order to proactively give the carer advanced warning of any wandering or fall. The moment the patient falls or leaves the bed, the mat will instantly send a signal to the Wall Point Receiver, which will then sound a standalone alarm or signal an alert through the connected nurse call system. This allows the caregiver to quickly ascertain the patient's safety in a prompt fashion, limiting injuries from falls or unattended wandering.

Who Is the Alertamat For?

The Alertamat is ideal for any environment where a carer may be worried about a patient's safety due to falls and wandering. It is perfect for use in residential care settings, as well as hospitals and care homes that may be caring for patients with dementia or memory issues.

Can I Place the Alertamat Under a Mattress?

While the Alertamat may work when placed underneath thinner foam mattresses, we would recommend placing it on top of the mattress. To maintain comfort, the mat can be placed beneath a fitted sheet. This will ensure the sensor triggers the alarm immediately, avoiding the delays or false alarms that can sometimes occur when it is placed beneath a mattress.

Alerta Bed Alertamat placement on a bed
Bed Sensor Mat shown in use with the Wall Point Receiver

How Do I Use the Alerta Wireless Bed Alarm Mat?

Once paired with your Alerta Wall Point Receiver (available via drop-down menu above), this sensor mat will send a signal any time it detects a patient leave their bed. An alarm will sound directly on the receiver if used as a standalone system, or an alarm will be sent through a nurse call system if your receiver is connected to one.

Where Is a Standalone Alarm System Necessary?

While any care home or hospital with a nurse call system will most likely choose to connect their mat into the system, the standalone option is ideal for residential care settings or smaller care homes. With a standalone Alerta Wall Point Receiver, a signal will be sent and an alarm will sound directly on the receiver itself, allowing for simple and quick reaction from care staff. The receiver can be used with battery operation (2 x 1.5V AA batteries), allowing carers to keep it on hand should any emergency arise.

Will the Wall Point Receiver Always Sound An Alarm?

For situations where your Alertamat is connected to a nurse call system, it may not be necessary for the Wall Point Receiver to sound an alarm as well. In these cases, the Wall Point Receiver can be silenced, sending an alert to the nurse call system while remaining silent in the patient's room. This is ideal in situations where an alarm may startle a patient, or if multiple patients are in the same room.

Simple Pairing System

To make use as simple as possible, the Alertamat is designed with a simple pairing system that allows the caregiver quick and easy set up in any hospital or care home scenario. The Wall Point Receiver is available with a choice of a variety of plugs to make it compatible with most nurse call systems, allowing the Alertamat to be up and running immediately.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

As patients may be resting on top of the Alertamat for hours at a time, ensuring quick and easy cleaning is crucial to maintain hygiene standards. To facilitate this, the mat is made with hygienic and antibacterial materials, and a smooth easy-wipe surface for simple disinfection.

How Many Alertamats Can Be Used at Once?

When connecting your wireless Alerta products into a nurse call system, each Wall Point Receiver is able to receive signals from up to five Alertamats or Alerta alarm devices. One receiver will not interfere with another, allowing for the potential for multiple receivers to be used in a single care environment for a truly comprehensive falls and wandering prevention program. Alerta devices compatible with the Wall Point Receiver include:

Key Features

  • Provides immediate notification of patient falls and wandering
  • Connects wirelessly to the Alerta Wall Point Wireless Receiver
  • Designed to be placed on a patient's bed above the mattress
  • Ideal for home care, nursing homes and hospital environments
  • Hygienic and antibacterials with an easy-wipe surface
  • Wireless transmitter require 2 x AAA batteries for operation (not included)
  • Can be used as a standalone system with Wall Point Receiver or as part of nurse call system
  • Long-lasting welded seams and strong wiring
  • Dimensions (LxW): 25 x 76cm

Learn More About the Alerta Wireless Fall Prevention System

Watch the video below for a short overview of the capabilities and compatibilities of the Alerta wireless range.

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