Invacare Line Side Rail Net Cover

Invacare Line Side Rail Net Cover
  • Adds protection without being intrusive
  • Fits with Invacare Line Side Rails
  • Available in three different lengths
  • Remains in place even when the rail is lowered
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Invacare Line Side Rail Net Cover

Using a side rail is an ideal way of providing protection for the bed occupant. Not only does it offer a physical barrier to prevent them from falling out of the bed and injuring themselves, it also gives them the peace of mind that the risk of such accidents has been reduced.

Side rails, however, are not very comfortable, especially if the patient keeps leaning against them. The Invacare Line Side Rail Net Cover offers cushioning and protection for the user from one of their side rails, further reducing the risk of injuries. It also prevents the patient's limbs from becoming trapped in the rails, further enhancing safety.

Features and Benefits of the Line Side Rail Net Cover

  • Suitable to be used with the Line Side Rail
  • Remains in place when rail is lowered, providing protection at all times
  • Available in three sizes: standard, +10cm and +20cm
  • Protects the user against falls and injuries
  • Provides peace of mind about the risk of injuries
  • Easy to remove and apply for carers
  • Improves safety and security when the user is unsupervised

Enhanced Side Rail Safety

This Net Cover improves the safety of your side rail, reducing the risk of injury from bumps and preventing the patient's limbs from becoming trapped in the railing. This will help to provide enhanced peace of mind for carers and patients alike that injuries will be avoided.

Which Length Do I Need?

The standard length will be suitable for the standard Invacare side rails, such as those supplied with the SB 755 Profiling Bed. If you are using extended side rails, choose either the +10cm or +20cm version, depending on how far you have your rails extended.

Please note: This product is supplied as a single cover for only one of your side rails. To cover side rails on both sides, two Side Rail Net Covers are required.

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