Mediflow Water Pillow

Mediflow Water Pillow
 Mediflow Water PillowMediflow Water Pillow 
  • Water-based pillow reduces neck and shoulder pain
  • Ideal for sufferers of vertigo, poor sleep and migraines
  • Outperformed all water-based pillows during clinical tests
  • Reduces stress for improved neck and spinal health
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Mediflow Water Pillow

The Mediflow Water Pillow features a water based core that moulds itself to the shape of your upper back and neck as you toss and turn throughout the night. This support provides unrivalled pillow support, as evidenced by clinical trials that assessed sleep quality, and placed the Mediflow Water Pillow at number one.

Ideal for all sleeping positions, this fully insulated fibre lined pillow is ideal for those who suffer from neck pain, back pain, vertigo, migraines and more.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Water Based Pillow

Can I Use the Mediflow Water Pillow On a Hospital Bed?

Provided the requisite safety precautions are taken and there are no exposed sharp edges or jagged areas which may damage the Mediflow Pillow, you can absolutely use yours on top of a hospital bed.

Will the MediFlow Water Base Pillow Reduce and Prevent Neck Pain?

This pillow is clinically proven to reduce neck pain, and prevents waking up to a stiff neck in the morning. Reviews from our customers at the bottom of this page further highlight that this pillow is highly effective, and has helped many to tackle neck pain during sleep.

Will I Sleep Better Using the Mediflow Pillow?

The Water Base Pillow has more than two million users worldwide, with users reporting that, after having tried everything to beat neck pain, this pillow is the only pillow that has come out on top.

Furthermore, a clinical trial by the John Hopkins School of Medicine revealed that this pillow ranked best overall in quality of sleep, which included tests on how quick subjects fell asleep and how many times subjects woke up. This study concluded with the following four points:

  • Ranked best overall against other pillow types in all aspects of quality sleep tests.
  • Restores your energy: Improved quality of sleep reverses the negative effects of fatigue.
  • Freshens your appearance: Enhanced sleep rejuvenates the skin to ease wrinkles.
  • Soothes daily stresses: Uninterrupted sleep is associated with improved coping skills.

Is the Mediflow Pillow For Me?

You can use the pillow if you suffer from neck pain and are concerned about the overall quality of your sleep. The pillow is suitable for many problems, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Snoring
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Stiff neck
  • Back pain
  • Migraines
  • Cervical stenosis
  • Vertigo

The Mediflow Pillow is ideal for treating neck pain. However, if you do suffer from bad, interrupted sleep then the tailored fit that this pillow brings can work wonders for your sleeping pattern.

How Easy is the Mediflow Water Base Pillow to Use?

To use the pillow, simply open the water pouch and fill it with water to a level of your choosing. It can take a few days for your neck to adjust to the pillow, and it may take a bit of trial and error before you find the right water level for you. If you are struggling to get the pillow just right, try to remember that the more water you add, the firmer the pillow will become, and vice versa.

While some users have reported instant relief, it isn't uncommon for it to take two or three days before you feel the full effect, as your neck needs time to get used to the different shape. See below for a detailed explanation on how to use your pillow:

How Comfortable is the Mediflow Pillow?

The Mediflow Pillow is extremely comfortable to use. As seen below, resting your head on the pillow is just like using an ordinary pillow, except that you have a deeper level of comfy material to rest your head on. Despite it being filled with water, your head won't move from side to side as if on a hot water bottle, but instead sink into the material with a deep level of relaxation.

Mediflow Pillow Feels Just Like a Normal Pillow
The Mediflow Pillow is extremely comfortable to use and acts like a normal pillow

How Does the Orthopaedic Pillow Work?

The Mediflow Water Base Pillow features a soft, hypoallergenic fibre filling that is supported by an easy-to-fill water pouch. It is this water pouch that allows the pillow to cater specifically to the shape of your neck. This means that the pillow offers unique, catered support, no matter what your body shape.

Is the Pillow Firm or Soft to Lie On?

The Water Base Orthopaedic Pillow works by adding water into the interior cell inside the pillow. This means that you can decide how firm or soft you want the pillow to be. If you require a soft pillow, don't add too much water. However, if you require a firm pillow, try filling it up a little more.

Mediflow Water Base Orthopaedic Pillow
Add the water yourself to determine how firm or soft you want the pillow to be

Whether you go for a soft or a firm pillow, the Mediflow Pillow will always be extremely comfortable and support your neck through the night. Super soft polyester sits on top of the water pouch just below your neck, offering unparalleled comfort.

Will the Mediflow Pillow Cater for Side Sleepers?

The Mediflow Water Base Pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions, it doesn't matter if you're a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, or someone who likes to toss and turn through the night. The Orthopaedic Pillow will continue to support your head from the moment you put your head down to sleep, to the moment your alarm wakes you up in the morning.

Mediflow Water Base Orthopaedic Pillow

Can the Mediflow Pillow Help to Relieve Migraines?

The Mediflow Pillow has helped to relieve the symptoms of migraines in users. Migraines are sometimes caused when the nerves in the upper neck become irritated. This can be brought on by a poor pillow, a lack of sleep or general neck pain.

By using the Mediflow Pillow you can correct your posture for an easier sleep, while avoiding the triggers that can cause a migraine to develop.

How Long Will the Mediflow Water Pillow Last For?

The Mediflow Water Pillow is more expensive than regular pillows, however, a DuPont polyester fibre layer above a thermal insulating layer ensures that it will outlast most other pillows on the market.

How Do I Look After the Orthopaedic Pillow?

The water base pillow doesn't require much looking after. Adhere to these specifications and you will ensure longevity:

  • Fit to a standard size pillow case
  • Wipe clean only
  • No need to fluff pillow for comfort

What Materials is the Mediflow Water Pillow Made From?

The Mediflow Water Pillow features three layers of material to help ensure longevity and comfort. The three layers are:

  1. A top layer of super-soft hypo-allergenic DuPoint polyester above the water chamber.
  2. A NASA developed thermal insulating layer that prevents water loss.
  3. The base of the pillow is a firmly secured water pouch that provides responsive head and neck support.

What Size is the Water Base Orthopaedic Pillow?

The Orthopaedic Pillow is large enough to fit a standard pillow case, featuring dimensions of 50.5cm x 71cm. Furthermore it weighs just 0.9kg (increasing with water), meaning it is extremely easy to use.

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