Repose DermisPlus Pressure Redistribution Sacrum Pad

Repose DermisPlus Pressure Redistribution Sacrum Pad
  • DermisPlus pressure redistribution pad for the sacral area
  • Also suitable for relieving pressure on the ankle or shoulder
  • Durable yet suitable for cutting to size without fibre shedding
  • Suitable for washing with soap and water for hygiene control
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Repose DermisPlus Pressure Redistribution Sacrum Pad

The Repose DermisPlus Pressure Redistribution Sacrum Pad has been designed to relieve pressure on the sacral area, as well as other awkwardly shaped body parts such as the ankle or shoulders. It it suitable for trimming to a more comfortable size, and can be washed for improved hygiene.

How Does DermisPlus Technology Work?

DermisPlus products have been designed to redistributes peak pressures over a wider surface area, thus reducing the risk of pressure-related tissue damage. It can be used anywhere on the body that is identified as being at risk, especially where there are bony prominences, and even under medical devices such as tubing and mask straps.

How Does DermisPlus Work?

Who Can Use the DermisPlus Sacrum Pad?

The DermisPlus Sacrum Pad, as with the rest of the DermisPlus Prevent range, can be used in the following circumstances:

  • For intact skin where there is a risk of pressure damage
  • On areas of the body with existing Category 1 pressure damage
  • On recently healed ulcers to protect against the risk of re-ulceration

Where Can I Use the DermisPlus Sacrum Pad?

Due to its highly specialised shape, the DermisPlus Sacrum Pad is ideal for the sacral area. It can also be worn on other awkward body areas, such as the ankle or shoulder. As it can be trimmed, you can receive the most comfortable fit and shape for your needs.

The DermisPlus Sacrum Pad may also be used to relief pressure around the natal cleft or coccyx area. Care must be taken to ensure maximum hygiene in conditions where faecal incontinence is a factor.

Sacrum Pad in Use

How Easy Is the Sacrum Pad to Apply?

The Sacrum Pad is very easy to apply. Although durable when applied, DermisPlus products are flexible and comfort, allowing for ease of application in the desired area.

How Does the Sacrum Pad Stay In Place?

To ensure optimal use for pressure relief, the Sacrum Pad should be secured in place. Suitable retention methods include using tape, a tubular bandage, or underwear.

What Size Is the Sacrum Pad?

The pressure-relieving DermisPlus Sacrum Pad measures 25 x 18.5 x 1cm. It can also be cut to size if required for more versatile use.

What Is the Sacrum Pad Made Of?

The DermisPlus Sacrum Pad is made from a tri-polymer gel and mineral oil. It is also latex-free, non-irritating, and skin friendly to reduce the risk of allergies or discomfort.

Can I Cut the DemisPlus Sacrum Pad?

If you find that the DermisPlus Sacrum Pad is too big or not quite the right shape for you, it can be trimmed down and cut to improve its fit and shape for you. The DermisPlus can be cut without any fibre shedding, helping to improve convenience, comfort, and hygiene.

How Durable Is the Sacrum Pad?

Despite its ability to be cut to shape, the DermisPlus Sacrum Pad is incredibly durable. It will remain stable in use with residue-free removal, ensuring dressing changes are as easy as possible.

How Do I Wash the Sacrum Pad?

To ensure good hygiene maintenance, the DermisPlus Sacrum Pad can be washed with soap and water. It can then be left to dry and then reapplied to the area as required.

DermisPlus Sacrum Pad For Sacral Area, Shoulder, And Ankle

A Range of DermisPlus Products

DermisPlus pressure relief devices are available in a range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses, ideal for use over bony prominences and areas at risk of pressure sores. Other DermisPlus products include:

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