Sidhil Innov8 Bed End Traction Kit

Sidhil Innov8 Bed End Traction Kit
  • Designed for use with the Sidhil Innov8 Hospital Bed range
  • Stabilises and immobilises a limb while healing
  • Suitable for attaching splints or using weights and pulleys
  • Assists the healing process by supporting the body
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Sidhil Innov8 Bed End Traction Kit

Many treatment plans benefit from immobilising a limb, whether it is healing from a break or recovering from an operation, but providing both immobilisation and elevation at once may require special equipment. The Sidhil Innov8 Bed End Traction Kit is the solution, attaching easily to Sidhil Innov8 Beds to provide simple and safe limb immobilisation. The overhead, rectangular frame is designed for use with the Innov8 hospital bed range and is suitable for a number of procedures to help assist the patient's recovery.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for use in a hospital
  • Designed to be used with any of the Sidhil Innov8 Hospital Beds
  • Rectangular, sturdy frame to support lower limbs
  • Applications of the frame:
    • Attaching splints
    • Continuous traction with the use of weights and pulleys
    • Suspending or changing position of immobilised limbs
  • Assists patient recovery
  • Stabilises and supports the body while healing
  • Lightweight for easy manoeuvring and storage
  • Fixed height: 60cm
  • Number of sections: 9
  • Dimensions (HxW): 60 x 103cm

Versatile Limb Immobilisation

This Traction Kit is made with an innovative design, with a lightweight construction that makes it as versatile as possible. It can be easily manoeuvred from bed to bed, and is easy to store when not needed.

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Delivery Expectations of the Sidhil Innov8 Bed End Traction Kit

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