Sidhil Innov8 IQ Hospital Ward Profiling Bed

Sidhil Innov8 IQ Hospital Ward Profiling Bed
  • Provides a range of positioning options with intuitive operation
  • Auto-regression and simultaneous cardiac chair and tilt functions
  • Design combines safety, performance and cost-efficiency
  • Blow moulded panels reduce liquid pooling for better hygiene
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Sidhil Innov8 IQ Hospital Ward Profiling Bed

Requirements of hospital wards have become more advanced over the years, and as a reaction to this, Sidhil have designed a state-of-the-art bed to meet the needs of the modern acute sector. The Sidhil Innov8 Hospital Ward Bed is built to combine safety, performance, functionality and cost-efficiency, offering a range of positioning options and intuitive operation to make providing complex care as efficient and simple as possible. With auto-regression profiling to improve patient positioning and a range of features to make use as safe and hygienic as possible, this bed is an ideal option to meet the demands of a changing medical world.

Please note: The price of this bed includes kerbside delivery only. For a full delivery, installation and demonstration service by a team of qualified engineers, select the Profiling Installation Service using the tick box above.

Features and Benefits

  • Low mattress platform increases patient independence and limits falls
  • Simultaneous cardiac chair and tilt positions improve patient positioning
  • Auto-regression capability mobilisation and rehabilitation with comfortable profiling
  • Backrest and mattress angle indicators help to provide consistent positioning
  • Lightweight to allow easy transportation and full manoeuvrability
  • Integral bed extension to accommodate various patients
  • Low foot-end height improves visibility for the patient
  • Head and foot ends are both removable for easy cleaning
  • Catheter hooks are removable and can be positioned anywhere for ease of access
  • Nurse and patient handset, with the patient handset clipping neatly onto the side rail
  • Manual and electric CPR mechanism, with electric CPR located on nurse handset
  • Blow moulded panels are perforated to reduce liquid pooling
  • Panels are suitable for a range of dynamic mattresses
  • Easy-to-access linen shelf can be reached with just one hand
  • Underbed light increases patient safety and reduces tripping hazards
  • Diagnostics port to enable easy maintenance procedures
  • Brake bar/pedal for easy access from head or side of the bed
  • Triple function castors enable brake, free and track
  • Available with standard side-rails, high side-rails or split-side rails

Comprehensive Range of Functions

The Innov8 Low Bed features a wide range of electrically operated functions to provide as many positioning options with as much comfort as possible. These functions include auto contouring, cardiac chair functioning and auto-regression to ensure the patient stays stable and free from pinching during bed adjustments. Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positions are also available to facilitate fluid-draining procedures.

Intuitive Patient and Nurse Handsets

This bed is supplied with a patient handset that provides limited comfort controls, as well as a nurse control panel with comprehensive capability. The patient will have control over their backrest and knee break with limited control over the mattress platform, while the carer will have control over the handset lockout function to prevent unwanted tampering.

Improved Tissue Health

Installation Service Available

Before you can begin to provide quality care to your patients with a profiling bed, proper installation is a must. That's why we offer a handy installation service, where a team of experienced engineers will install your bed quickly and efficiently.

These experts will also provide you with crucial advice on how to safely operate your bed so that you can supply the best possible care to your patients. You can select the installation service from the tick box at the top of the page.

Technical Specifications

  • Safe working load: 255kg (40 stone)
  • Maximum user weight: 190kg (30 stone)
  • Knee break angle: 0 - 35°
  • Legrest angle: 0 - 21°
  • Mattress platform dimensions (LxW): 200 x 88cm
  • Platform height: 34 - 75cm
  • Underbed clearance: 15 - 80cm
  • Overall dimensions (LxW): 228 x 103cm
  • Bed weight: 115kg
  • Trendelenburg angle: 0 - 13°
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg angle: 0 - 13°

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