Soprano Bariatric Profiling Bed

Soprano Bariatric Profiling Bed
 Soprano Bariatric Profiling BedSoprano Bariatric Profiling Bed 
  • Electric profiling bed with low platform for patient safety
  • Maximum patient weight of 350kg – suitable for bariatric users
  • Height adjustable from 270 - 680cm to provide an ideal height
  • Supplied with handset with control lockout for patient safety
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Soprano Bariatric Profiling Bed

When caring for bariatric individuals, it's vital that you provide a bed that not only supports them but also helps them feel comfortable during routine nursing procedures. The Soprano Bariatric Profiling Bed has been developed to provide comfort and ease of care for bariatric patients, featuring electronic profiling and an auto-contour function for safe patient positioning and maintenance. Supplied with an intuitive 10-button handset and an auto-regression backrest, this bed ensures profiling is safe and smooth to provide a better environment for both patients and staff.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Electric profiling for comfortable and supportive positioning
  • Suitable for bariatric users weighing up to 350kg (55 stone)
  • Variable height control to best suit patient needs
  • Low platform just 27cm off ground for patient safety
  • Intuitive handset design for maximum ease of use
  • Handset lockout prevents patients from adjusting settings
  • Twin castors are individually lockable to ensure safety and stability
  • Auto-contour function prevents patients from sliding down the bed
  • Auto-regression function reduces pressure on the sacrum while profiling
  • Integrated bed extension to best suit patient's needs
  • Detachable side rails to facilitate patient transfers
  • Mattress retainers ensure patient stability at all times
  • Trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg positioning built-in

Electric Profiling with Auto-Regression

Supplied with an intuitive handset, this electric profiling bed makes it incredibly easy to properly position patients. To ensure that settings cannot be altered by the patient, the handset features an auto-lockout function, preventing any changes being made to the setup.

An auto-contour function enables you to automatically position the patient in a way that prevents them from sliding down the bed, improving comfort and support. Additionally, the bed features an auto-regression function, minimising pressure on the sacrum area while the bed is profiled.

Auto regression function ensures comfortable profiling
Auto-regression backrest minimises pressure on sacrum while profiling

Highly Adaptable

For easy customisation, this bed features a 150mm integrated bed extension, providing extra bed space if required. The height can be adjusted from 270cm to 680cm, while ensuring that excellent ground clearance is maintained. Detachable side rails make it easy for nurses and practitioners to provide care while ensuring the patient is safe and stable in their bed.

Designed for Bariatric Patients

The bed features a maximum user weight of 350kg (55 stone) and a safe working load of 385g (60 stone). This makes it ideal for use with bariatric patients, enabling you to provide them with the care they need. A slatted mattress platform provides durable and secure support for most mattresses, including pressure relieving mattresses.

Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg Positions

The Soprano Bariatric Bed is also capable of placing patients in trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg positions. This makes it suitable for a wide range of care and medical uses, increasing its versatility for more complex care provisions.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall length: 2180mm
  • Overall length (extended): 2330mm
  • Overall width (without side rails): 1360mm
  • Overall width (with removable side rails): 1360mm
  • Mattress platform: 1980 x 1200mm
  • Mattress platform (extended): 2130 x 1200mm
  • Height range: 2700 - 6800mm
  • Safe working load (SWL): 385kg (60 stone)
  • Maximum patient weight: 350kg (55 stone)
  • Backrest angle: 0° - 72°
  • Thigh rest angle: 0° - 33°
  • Trendelenburg:
    • Tilt: 10.8°
    • Anti-tilt: 10.5°
  • Warranty: 5 years on metal work, 2 years on electrical parts

Please note: The Soprano Bed is not supplied with the lifting pole in the image above.

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