Cura II Community Profiling Bed

Cura II Community Profiling Bed
Cura II Community Profiling BedCura II Community Profiling BedCura II Community Profiling BedCura II Community Profiling Bed
  • Electric profiling bed to aid positioning and comfort
  • Wide height range for easy transfers and safe working height
  • Intuitive handset is great for practitioners and patients alike
  • Attractive design ensures it's ideal for community use
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Cura II Profiling Community Bed

Proper positioning of patients is vital for both health and comfort, so it's important that your hospital bed includes all the positioning features needed to facilitate common nursing procedures. The Cura II Profiling Community Bed has been designed to provide the patient with as much mobility and independence as possible, while reducing staff handling time and risks of strain. With an excellent height range and easy-to-use controls, this bed takes much of the hassle out of caring for bed-bound patients.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Electric four-section profiling for comfortable and supportive positioning
  • Height adjustable between 250mm and 700mm for an optimal working height
  • Easy to use manual calf lift helps alleviate circulation issues
  • Fitted with Linak controls and push only actuators
  • Variable height control to best suit patient needs
  • Quick and easy assembly without the need for tools
  • Can be easily folded up for efficient transportation and storage
  • Includes a convenient transport bracket under the bed frame
  • Conforms to highest possible standards including IEC60601 - 2 - 52
  • Capable of trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg positioning
  • Intuitive handset design for maximum ease of use
  • Integral 200mm extension to provide safety and comfort for taller patients
  • Increased user weight capacity of 215kg
  • Mattress retainers included to minimise unwanted movement

Electric Profiling for Perfect Positioning

To help ensure that users are in the best position to suit their needs for both comfort and support, the Cura II Community Bed features four-section electronic profiling built-in at the backrest and knee-break. Thanks to the intuitive handset, it's incredibly easy for staff to position patients, and for users to control their own profiling for improved independence.

Designed to Suit Different Needs

Enabling you to set up the bed to best suit the needs of each user, it features a 200mm integrated bed extension, providing extra bed length if required. The height of the bed can be adjusted from 250mm to 700mm, ideal for making patient transfers more efficient.

Manual Calf Lift

To provide even more comfort, the bed also includes a manual calf lift. Adjustable to different heights, this enables you to help reduce a patient's circulation problems, helping you to more easily provide quality care.

Stable and Secure

A slatted mattress platform provides a stable and reliable surface for mattresses, while also making it easy to be wiped down for hygiene and infection control. Additionally, a set of mattress retainers are also included, ensuring that mattress movement is minimised for greater comfort and patient safety.

Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg Positions

The Cura II Bed is also capable of placing patients in trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg positions. This makes it suitable for a wide range of care and medical uses, increasing its versatility for more complex care provisions.

Easy to Disassemble and Transport

Ideal for use in a community care environment, the bed has been designed for efficient transportation. It can be disassembled into four parts, making transport and storage simple and efficient.

Technical Specifications of the Cura II Profiling Community Bed

The technical specifications of the Cura II Profiling Community Bed can be found in the "Specifications" tab above.

Technical Specifications of the Cura II Profiling Community Bed

  • Overall length: 2185mm (86”)
  • Overall length (extended): 2385mm (94”)
  • Overall width (without side rails): 932mm (37”)
  • Overall width (with removable side rails): 1050mm (41.5")
  • Mattress platform: 2000 x 900mm (79 x 35.5”)
  • Mattress platform (extended): 2200 x 900mm (86.5 x 35.5”)
  • Upper bracket height: 300 - 700mm (12 - 27.5”)
  • Lower bracket height: 250 - 640mm (10 - 25”)
  • Height range: 250 - 700mm (10 - 27.5”)
  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 250kg (39 stone)
  • Maximum patient weight: 215kg (34 stone)
  • Total bed weight: 81.3kg
  • Backrest angle: 0 - 70°
  • Knee-break angle: 0 - 33°
  • Calf rest angle: 5 - 20°
  • Power input: 240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Electric shock protection: Class II Type B
  • Ingress protection: IPX6, IPX4
  • Latest standard: IEC60601-2-52:2010

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