Harvest Slide Sheet

Harvest Slide Sheet
  • Designed to ease patient movement
  • Made with low friction nylon
  • Choice of a range of sizes and types
  • Available with or without handles
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Harvest Slide Sheet

In care home and nursing home scenarios, patients with low mobility will frequently need to be moved for transfers, cleaning or other purposes. The Harvest Slide Sheet is designed to facilitate this process, allowing for easy movement and assistance of patients with low levels of mobility. Available in a range of sizes and types, this slide sheet is suited to a variety of different environments to boost efficiency and quality of care.

Low-Friction Movement

To make transfers and patient moving as easy as possible, this slide sheet has been developed using low-friction nylon. This nylon assists in the movement of patients, allowing them to glide along the sheet with little effort, reducing strain for the carers and injury risk for the patient. With these slide sheets, moving patients in a care or nursing home will be transformed into an easy and safe operation.

Dimensions of the Harvest Slide Sheet

The Harvest Slide Sheet is available in a variety of sizes. To select the size for you, choose it from the drop down menu above.

  • Tubular: 720 x 700mm
  • Tubular: 1220 x 700mm
  • Tubular: 1450 x 700mm
  • Tubular: 1220 x 1000mm
  • Tubular: 1950 x 1400mm
  • Flat with handles: 2000 x 700mm
  • Flat with handles: 2200 x 1000mm
  • Flat slide sheet: 1800 x 900mm

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