Accessories for Your Casa Profiling Bed

30 January 2018  |  Eugene

When selecting a profiling bed for your care home or community treatment facility, there are few better names on the market than Casa. Casa profiling beds set themselves apart from the competition with their ease of use, smooth, powerful adjustments and full functionality — all at affordable prices that are rarely seen in quality profiling beds.

For many patients and environments, though, certain accessories may be needed to get the most out of your bed. Here, we'll lay out your accessory choices, and then we'll break down which bed each will work for, and who might benefit from their use the most. 

Side Rails for Casa Profiling Beds

For many patients who require the use of a profiling bed, side rails are a must-have accessory. Profiling bed side rails will reduce the risk of patients falling out of bed, which is one of the most common causes of injury in a care home setting. While many Casa beds come with integral side rails, there are a wide range of additional rails available at Hospital Beds, with some suitable for all beds in the range and others custom-made for specific beds. They are as follows:

For All Casa Profiling Beds

For the Casa Classic FS Profiling Beds

For the Casa Classic FS Low Profiling Bed

For Casa Bariatric Profiling Beds

Height Extension Side Rails

While most patients will be safe with the use of standard-height side rails, others may require a little more protection. For these people, a height extension may be necessary to fully prevent bed falls or wandering. These rails are suitable for use with all Casa profiling beds, clamping onto pre-existing side rails. They include:

Cot Bumpers

Side rails provide high levels of patient safety compared to unguarded beds, but they can bring with them their own unique challenges. With side rails installed, patients may be at risk of injury from bumps and scrapes against the rails themselves. Likewise, there may exist a risk of injury from the patient's limbs becoming entrapped within the rails. The solution to both of these problems is a suitable set of cot bumpers, of which there are a range available at Hospital Beds.

For All Casa Profiling Beds

For Standard Height Casa Profiling Beds

Casa Profiling Bed Handsets

Casa profiling beds offer a wide range of capabilities to facilitate your patient care, but none of these can be operated without the intuitive handset. This handset is available with either eight or nine functions, and can be purchased with or without magnetic swipe key activation. These handsets can be found by following this link: 

Choose Your Accessory Today

This range of accessories adds to the formidable functionality of the Casa range of profiling beds, vaulting them to the top of the profiling bed industry both in terms of cost-efficacy and versatility. These accessories are all available from Hospital Beds with free UK delivery on orders over £40. If you'd like to view our entire range of Casa profiling beds and accessories, click here.

Do you have any questions about the Casa range of profiling beds and accessories? You can contact our Customer Care Team at 020 7501 0592 or share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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