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1 Comment2 August 2018
Dry Floatation: Pressure Relief Technology That Put Roho on the Map

Roho have been producing industry leading pressure relief products for over 45 years. They offer an unparalleled service, providing high quality products at an exceptional price which reach into homes, care homes, hospitals and health practices across the world. What puts Roho at the top is their unwavering commitment to develop innovative technology that can bring their products to the next level. This article will look into Dry Floatation Technology, the idea that has propelled Roho to industry favourite and has helped thousands of people worldwide.


30 May 2018  |  Eugene
Profiling Bed and Mattress Bundles to Save Time and Money

Caring for a bed-bound patient or loved one can be difficult, as their loss of independence can make everyday activities into challenging chores. In order to make life easier for both the patient and carer, the right hospital bed and pressure relief mattress combination is crucial, but finding the perfect option for you can be both difficult and costly. At, we're here to help, and we've put together some Profiling Bed and Mattress Bundles to Save Time and Money.

6 February 2018  |  Eugene
Alerta Medical: Affordable Fall Prevention

Whether you’re a medical professional looking to improve the quality of your patient care, or a loved one trying to improve the quality of life of a friend or family member, minimising falls and unsafe situations should be one of the primary focuses of your attention. Addressing these concerns, Alerta Medical have created their range of Alertamats, providing an industry-leading standard in patient care by helping to prevent falls, wandering and unsafe situations in patients at risk.

30 January 2018  |  Eugene
Accessories for Your Casa Profiling Bed

Casa profiling beds set themselves apart from the competition with their ease of use, smooth, powerful adjustments and full functionality, all at affordable prices that are rarely seen in quality profiling beds. For some patients though, you may need even more functionality and safety, which is why we offer a range of addable accessories for Casa beds. Read on to learn more and view our entire range.

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