Sidhil CQR Mobile Chair

Sidhil CQR Mobile Chair
  • Provides comfort and support for those with muscle problems
  • Supplied with a soft lambswool cover for added pressure relief
  • Features an adjustable leg rest with locking capability for comfort
  • Supports the user from head to toe for safer seating
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Sidhil CQR Mobile Chair

For people with poor muscle tone, regular wheelchairs or transit chairs may not provide the necessary support and stability to sit comfortably. The Sidhil CQR Mobile Chair is an ideal option, as it is designed to provide optimal comfort and safety for those with special needs. Designed with a fully adjustable and lockable leg rest, and supplied with a pressure-relieving soft lambswool cover, this chair provides head-to-toe support so that carers can efficiently and safely transfer patients with low muscle tone.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides added comfort, security and support for those with poor muscle tone
  • High-backed with shallow wings to fully support the body
  • Unique shape and design supports the user from head to toe
  • Adjustable leg rest with self-locking mechanism for comfort and stability
  • Features four swivel castors with brakes for safety
  • Supplied with an ultra-soft lambswool cover for added comfort
  • No hard edges or sharp corners to minimise injury risks
  • Lambswool cover provides some pressure-relieving capabilities
  • Evenly distributes pressure across whole chair
  • Machine washable cover to simplify hygiene maintenance

Ideal for Muscular Problems

Those with poor muscle tone may be unable to support themselves in regular chairs, making transfers and seating unsafe. This chair is designed to provide head-to-toe support, making it the safest option for patients with muscular problems and other special needs.

No Hard Edges or Sharp Corners

To ensure the CQR Mobile Chair is as safe and user-friendly as possible, it is designed for complete comfort with no hard edges or sharp corners. The smooth shape means that the risk of snags, bumps or grazes is eliminated completely to provide a safer and more forgiving environment for the user.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (HxW): 97 x 54cm
  • Depth: 110cm (extending to 150cm when leg rest is extended)
  • Maximum user weight: 160kg (25 stone)
  • Product weight: 70kg

Delivery Expectations of the Sidhil CQR Mobile Chair

Please be advised that the Sidhil CQR Mobile Chair is usually delivered within 1 week of your order being placed. We would advise you to consider this delivery estimation before placing your order. For more information, please contact our Customer Care Team at 020 7501 0592.

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