Sidhil Solite Safe-Side Grab Handle

Sidhil Solite Safe-Side Grab Handle
  • Suitable for use with any Solite Bed
  • Designed to be used with the Safe-Side Mesh Side Rails
  • Aids with the transfer in and out of bed
  • Quick and easy assembly with no tools required
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Sidhil Solite 'Safe-Side' Grab Handle

Patients with restricted mobility or a serious condition will often struggle to get themselves in and out of a bed without assistance, and a simple aid can often provide an important boost to independence. The Sidhil Solite Safe-Side Grab Handle provides that assistance, and is designed to attach to the framework of any Solite bed using the Sidhil Solite Safe-Side Mesh Side Rails. It can aid a patient's transfer to a wheelchair, commode or a standing position, increasing independence and reducing staff handling time.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for use with any Sidhil Solite Hospital Bed
  • Use in conjunction with the Solite Safe-Side Mesh Side Rails
  • Provides extra assistance to a patient leaving and entering bed
  • Helps to bolster independence and reduce staff handling time
  • Attaches to the framework of the bed on the outside of the rails
  • Can be used regardless of whether the rails are up or down
  • No tools required for attachment, as simple hand wheels connect the handle securely
  • Straightforward and easy to connect to the framework of the bed
  • Aids with transfers to wheelchairs, commodes or into a standing position
  • Makes movement easier for patients
  • Helps patients hold onto their independence

Easy Attachment

This Grab Handle is simple to attach to the framework of your bed, and can be installed without any tools. It can be clamped onto the bed in seconds and tightened using the hand wheels, providing greater patient independence with little effort by the carer.

Boost Independence

If a patient requires assistance every time they enter or leave their bed, it can provide a psychological barrier to recovery for the patient and lead to less carer time for other procedures. This Grab Handle can help in both aspects, boosting the patient's sense of independence while freeing up carer time for other tasks.

Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF link below for step-by-step fitting instructions.

Instructions for Use
User Manual

Delivery Expectations of the Sidhil Solite Safe-Side Grab Handle

Please be advised that the Sidhil Solite Safe-Side Grab Handle is usually delivered within 1 week of your order being placed. We would advise you to consider this delivery estimation before placing your order. For more information, please contact our Customer Care Team at 020 7501 0592.

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