Alerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge

Alerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge
 Alerta Emergency Evacuation SledgeAlerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge 
  • Evacuation sledge to transport immobile patients in emergencies
  • Ideal for use in care homes, hospitals and residential care
  • Chest and leg straps help to secure the patient during transfers
  • Supplied in a compact wall-mountable bag for ease of access
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Alerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge

Immobile patients who cannot use stairs need superior evacuation tools for a safe, swift exit in emergencies. The Alerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge keeps people as safe as possible with chest and leg straps for security, allowing carers to safely take them down the stairs. With a safe working load of 200kg, this can be used by the majority of people for convenience and safety for all.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Evacuation Sledge
  • 1 x Wall-Mountable Storage Bag

Key Features

  • Secure and sturdy evacuation sledge for use during emergencies
  • Easy-glide underside facilitates quick movement over most terrain
  • Supplied with a wall-mountable bag to ensure quick deployment
  • Chest and leg straps help to secure the patient and prevent movement during transfers
  • Foot pouch secures the patients feet for slip prevention
  • Made with flame-retardant materials for safe use in fire emergencies
  • Suitable for use by two carers to evacuate a patient from a building
  • 200kg weight limit is ideal for use on the majority of people
  • 190 x 60cm width is wide enough to be comfortable but not awkwardly big

Why Do I Need an Evacuation Sledge?

Immobile patients will require assistance to leave the building in the event of an emergency, and transferring them to a quick-moving sledge provides the safest and most efficient option. The Alerta Evacuation Sheet will allow care facilities to comply with fire safety regulations, and will prove to be an invaluable part of their overall fire safety programme.

How Secure is the Alerta Evacuation Sledge?

To ensure the evacuation can be carried out safely regardless of obstacles such as ramps, doorways, stairs and differing terrain, it's crucial the patient be securely strapped into the evac sledge. The Alerta Evacuation Sledge is designed to provide peace of mind to both the patient and carer in this regard, as it features sturdy chest and leg straps to keep the patient in a constant and safe position. A foot pouch is also included to secure the patient's feet and prevent any slipping during evacuations.

Who Needs this Sledge?

This sledge is designed to assist people with descending staircases if they are physically unable to walk down them. Some other examples of where this sledge can be used includes:

  • Following injury (particularly in the event of an emergency)
  • If the user is a wheelchair user or is generally unable to use stairs
  • If the user is mentally handicapped
  • Elderly people, or people with arthritis or other joint issues
  • Toddlers and small children who struggle to use stairs 

When Should This Sledge Be Used?

Emergency sledges should be used in the following emergencies:

  • Fire alarms
  • Gas leaks or chemical spills
  • Extreme weather
  • Poor air quality
  • Intruders and break-ins

Where Can the Emergency Sledge be Used?

This emergency sledge is designed to be used as an alternative to stairs in public buildings. Most public spaces are legally required to own one or more emergency sledge. Some examples of public buildings where emergency sledges can be used include:

  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Care homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Police stations
  • Public centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Government buildings
  • Council buildings
  • Sports centres
  • Universities
  • Colleges

Convenient and Practical Storage

There is often no warning that an emergency will occur, so evacuation materials like the Alerta Evacuation Sledge will need to be close at hand at all times. To facilitate storage near a patient's bedside, the sledge is supplied in a wall-mountable bag that is compact enough for storage virtually anywhere. Once stored away, it provides peace of mind to both patient and carer that emergency transportation has been considered should an emergency occur.

Compact storage bag for the Alerta Evacuation Sledge
The Alerta Evac Sledge folds into three sections for compact wall storage in the wall-mountable bag

How Large is the Evacuation Sledge?

This evacuation sledge measures 190 x 60cm, with a thickness of 4cm. This is a standard size suitable for the vast majority of patients.

How Do I Use the Alerta Evacuation Sled?

For proper evacuation of a patient, it is recommended that two people carry out evacuation procedures – one at either end of the sledge. Using the pulling straps at either end, the patient can be easily pulled to safety. Step-by-step evacuation instructions are as follows:

  1. Unzip base of cover and release sledge to floor (when wall mounted)
  2. Fully extend the evacuation sledge on the floor, cotton side up
  3. Place the patient on the evacuation sledge
  4. Ensure the patient's feet are securely in the foot pocket
  5. Tighten the leg and chest straps over the patient
  6. Pull the user to safety, taking care to avoid any sharp objects that may puncture the sledge

Does the Evacuation Sledge Have a Weight Limit?

The upper weight limit for the Alerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge is 200kg (440lbs).

Evacuation Instructions

Click the PDF link below for instructions regarding the proper setup and use of the Alerta Evacuation Sledge.

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