Alerta Sensaflex 3000 Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress

Alerta Sensaflex 3000 Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress
 Alerta Sensaflex 3000 Memory Foam Pressure Relief MattressAlerta Sensaflex 3000 Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress 
  • Pressure relief rating: High risk
  • Ideal for hospitals, care homes and residential care settings
  • Castellated memory foam is ideal for use with profiling beds
  • Supplied with a protective vapour permeable PU cover
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Alerta Sensaflex 3000 Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress

Risk of pressure sore development is very common in bed bound patients, but high-quality memory foam pressure relief mattresses can often carry prohibitively high costs. The Alerta Sensaflex 3000 Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress uses advanced castellated memory foam to provide affordable pressure care, making it suitable for patients at high risk of bed sore development.

Who Can Use the Alerta Sensaflex 3000 Pressure Relief Mattress?

This mattress is an ideal option for any medical facility operating on a budget, and is suitable for care homes, nursing homes, hospitals and residential care environments. The Sensaflex 3000 will assist with effective protection from pressure ulcers for high risk patients, helping to provide adequate care while avoiding exorbitant costs.

Is This Mattress Suitable for Use with Profiling Beds?

Yes, this mattress is designed with castellated memory foam to ensure friction is reduced and pressure care is provided during the profiling process. It is suitable for use with all single-width profiling beds, and is particularly suited to use with the Alerta Lomond Profiling Bed.

How Does Memory Foam Assist with Pressure Relief?

Memory foam is one of the best materials possible for pressure relief, making it a perfect material for patients at significant risk of pressure sores. The unique benefit comes from the way that memory foam moulds to your body, ensuring that all areas of the skin are supported and in contact with the foam. This means that 'hot spots' are reduced – meaning there are fewer areas of the body experiencing a higher amount of pressure than others, and thus fewer areas that are at a high risk of pressure sores.

Memory Foam of the Alerta 3000 Memory Foam Mattress

Which Patients Is This Mattress Suitable For?

This pressure relief mattress is designed for patients at high risk of pressure sore development. For patients at a medium risk of pressure sore development, we recommend using the Alerta Sensaflex 500 Pressure Relief Mattress.

What is the Benefit of Castellated Foam?

The memory foam in this pressure care mattress is castellated, which serves a number of both functional and comfort purposes. It assists with profiling by allowing the mattress to move in independent sections, ensuring the surface bearing the patient's weight does not slip under the patient or move. The castellation improves pressure relief by allowing small sections of the memory foam mattress to move with the patient to reduce friction forces, helping the mattress provide comprehensive pressure ulcer relief.

Alerta Sensaflex 3000 Castellated Memory Foam Mattress

What Should Be Used for Patients at Very High Pressure Sore Risk?

When a patient is at very high risk of pressure sore development (the highest risk category) it is usually recommended that an alternating air mattress system is used. If this is the case, we recommend a system like the Alerta Ruby Alternating Air Mattress System. If you are unsure of which mattress you require, always check with your medical professional before making your choice.

Is This Product Tested for Fire Safety?

Yes, all components of Alerta's pressure relief products are tested to comply with BS7177: Crib 5 fire safety regulations. This means that all foam and covers for Alerta mattresses and cushions are tested to the most stringent fire safety guidelines, ensuring you stay fully compliant and up to date with regulations.

Is the Mattress Supplied with a Cover?

To improve durability and quality of care, this mattress is fitted with a multi-stretch and waterproof cover that will move with the patient to reduce shear and friction forces. This vapour permeable PU cover is antimicrobial, to reduce bacteria and odour, and fully machine-washable so that you can keep your patient's environment sanitary at all times. To make it as easy as possible to identify fluid ingress, the mattress cover is designed with a white underside.

How Is This Mattress Supplied?

To make delivery and setup as simple as possible, this mattress is shipped in a vacuum rolled form. This minimises the storage space required for the mattress and makes transport hassle-free.

Can the Cover Be Washed?

Yes, the cover can be machine washed at 65°C for no less than 10 minutes, or at 95°C for no less than 3 minutes. The cover can then be tumble dried on low heat (not exceeding 60°C). The foam is suitable to be autoclaved at 134°C.

Key Features

  • High risk pressure relief mattress designed for comfort and cost-efficacy
  • Made with advanced memory foam that moulds to the shape of the patient
  • Memory foam provides improved pressure relief compared to standard foam mattresses
  • Ideal for hospital, care home, nursing care and residential care environments
  • Memory foam is castellated for support and comfort during profiling
  • Castellated sections move with the skin of the patient to reduce shear and friction forces
  • Supplied with a multi-stretch, vapour permeable PU cover
  • Cover is machine washable and water resistant
  • Supplied vacuum rolled to minimise the required storage space
  • White underside of the cover allows easy identification of fluid ingress
  • All components are BS7177: Crib 5 tested for fire safety

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 198 x 90 x 14cm (78 x 35.5 x 5.5")
  • Maximum load capacity: 180kg
  • Minimum load capacity: 40kg

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