Fall Savers Wireless Floor Pad Transmitter

Fall Savers Wireless Floor Pad Transmitter
 Fall Savers Wireless Floor Pad TransmitterFall Savers Wireless Floor Pad Transmitter 
  • Transmitter to wirelessly connect Fall Savers Monitor and Hybrid Sensor Pad
  • Ideal for care homes, hospitals and residential care sectors
  • Connects to the standard pigtail connection included with the pad
  • Allows connection of two sensor pads to each monitor
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In stock now

Fall Savers Wireless Floor Pad Transmitter

This wireless transmitter is used to connect the Fall Savers Wireless Fall Prevention Monitor to the Treadnought Hybrid Nurse Call Sensor Mat, sending an instant signal to notify the carer when the sensor mat is stepped on.

Along with the other two Fall Saver Parts (linked above), you can make your fall alarm system fully wireless with this Fall Savers Wireless Floor Pad Transmitter. Eliminating wired connections, which make communal and private care spaces more dangerous and chaotic, can make a massive difference to patient care.

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Wireless Floor Pad Transmitter

Please note that in order to use this product, it must be connected to other Fall Savers parts and these can be purchased separately (see below for more detail).

How Do I Connect the Transmitter to My Sensor Mat?

The Wireless Transmitter couldn't be simpler to connect to your Treadnought Hybrid Mat. Simply select the "Sensor Mat Only" version of the Treadnought Mat from the product page, and plug the Fall Savers Wireless Transmitter directly into the mat. Please note that an additional pigtail connection lead is not needed if you intend to connect your mat wirelessly to your Fall Prevention Monitor with the use of this Wireless Transmitter.

Who Can Use the Wireless Transmitter?

The Fall Savers Wireless Monitor attaches directly to your Treadnought Hybrid Sensor Mat to send a signal to your Fall Savers Wireless monitor to alert carers as soon as a patient falls or steps on the mat. Eliminating the chance of wear and tear to wires as well as the tripping hazard they provide, this is an ideal option for care teams looking to upgrade their fall prevention strategy with wireless products.

What Do I Need to Connect My System Wirelessly?

To use this Wireless Transmitter to connect your system as mentioned above, you will need:

How Does the Wireless Fall System Reduce Work for Care Staff?

By providing the option to eliminate the cables between the monitor and sensor pads, this Floor Pad Transmitter has several advantages for care staff over conventional connections:

  • Reduces upkeep as wires will not wear and sensor can not be pulled onto the floor
  • Reduces care time to eliminate the tripping hazards caused by wires

How Many Sensor Mats Can I Connect?

This transmitter allows connection of up to two fall sensor pads at once. This allows both a fall prevention and wandering prevention strategy at once, as a mat can be placed at a bedside, and another at a doorway or threshold.

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