Invacare Pausa Tilt Tray

Invacare Pausa Tilt Tray
  • Table for use over profiling beds
  • Ideal positioning due to the tilting angle of the table
  • Height adjustable for ease and comfort of use
  • Can be used with any Invacare profiling bed
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In stock now

Invacare Pausa Tilt Table

For most who are bed-bound, bearing weight or pressure on the legs is not an option. This severely limits the activities they can engage in, as having no flat or sturdy surface to lean on makes it extremely difficult to participate with some tasks.

The Invacare Pausa Tilt Table is an ideal solution to this problem, providing a sturdy surface that doesn't place any weight on the patient. Suitable for a range of beds, the table can be height adjusted to suit the individual's needs and then angled for the job at hand.

Features and Benefits of the Invacare Pause Tilt Table

  • Suitable for use with the majority of beds
  • Height can be adjusted between 72cm and 116cm
  • Tilt table provides a comfortable working angle
  • Helps involve the patient in tasks otherwise impossible
  • Prevents any weight bearing or pressure of a tray
  • Maximum load of 10kg
  • Wheels for easy manoeuvrability 
  • Can be pushed to one side when not in use
  • Easy to store for convenience

Comfortable Table for Profiling Beds

This table is an excellent option for those looking for a work or eating surface to use with a profiling bed. The height adjustability means that it is suitable for adjustable beds, and the tilting ability allows the patient to angle their activity as they wish for easier access.

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