Dry Floatation: Pressure Relief Technology That Put Roho on the Map

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Roho have been producing industry leading pressure relief products for over 45 years. They offer an unparalleled service, providing high quality products at an exceptional price which reach into homes, care homes, hospitals and health practices across the world. What puts Roho at the top is their unwavering commitment to develop innovative technology that can bring their products to the next level.

Dry Floatation Technology
Dry Floatation Technology offers unparalleled pressure relief support

This article will look into Dry Floatation Technology, the idea that has propelled Roho to industry favourite and has helped thousands of people worldwide. We will look into how it's made, the driving factors behind its development, and what products we believe exercise Dry Floatation at its best.

What is Dry Floatation Technology

Dry Floatation technology was created when Roho established that the average height from Trochanter to the bottom of the Ischial Tuberosities was 7.5cm, meaning that if you could get a product to envelope this depth you would have the perfect envelopment characteristic. This was combined with an effect of flotation in water through the user of interconnected air cells.

When combined, Roho realised you had the perfect pressure relief product. The technology became known as Dry Floatation, and it revolutionised the pressure relief market and gave Roho the reputation that it has today. The technology is based on four principles which serve as a guideline for creating outstanding pressure relief.

The Four Principles of Dry Floatation

The four principles of Dry Floatation are the four things that Roho considers most important in its technology. As long as a product conforms to these four things, it will satisfy Roho that the product is good enough for their customers.

Six Degrees of Freedom

Six Degrees of Freedom

Each Roho cushion is specially developed to include several individual cells. These cells are free to move independently of one another, twisting, turning, bending and adapting to your individual contours and your anatomy. This reduces friction and provides comfort for every individual, no matter their shape, size or age.

Low Surface Tension

Low Surface Tension

The second principle is low surface tension, that lets the user sink into the cushion without the deformation of tissue which minimises the risk of skin breakdown. Pressure ulcers can occur when blood travelling through soft tissue is blocked. By using low surface tension on the surface of the tissue, you can maintain blood flow while providing comfort.

Constant Restoring Forces

Constant Restoring Forces

When you use a Dry Floatation Product, you will find that the pressure coming in your direction is equal at all points. No matter how hard you sink into the cushion the pressure will be distributed evenly across the parts of your body in contact with the cushion. This helps to reduce the pressure on specific parts of the body and lowers the risk of sores developing.

Low Friction and Shear

Low Friction and ShearThe combination of free movement, low surface tension and constant restoring forces leads to the last principle, which is low friction and shear. Shearing occurs when opposite forces of equal pressure meet, which can lead to impaired blood flow. The equal distribution of pressure across the cushion reduces friction and shear, which allows blood to move freely across your body.

The Dry Floatation Technology Showcase

Dry Floatation is often used in Roho's pressure relief products, so we've narrowed down our list and found three of their best products that we believe show how versatile, wide-ranging and effective Dry Floatation is.

Roho Single Valve High Profile Pressure Relief Cushion

The Roho Single Valve High Profile Pressure Relief Cushion offers pressure relief to high risk patients. It uses Dry Floatation technology to redistribute pressure across the entire cushion, which in turn enhances blood flow and decreases edema. Ideal for beating ischemic ulcers, the High Profile Pressure Relief Cushion has become popular among many care professionals.

High Valve Pressure Relief
The Single Valve High Profile Pressure Cushion

Roho Prodigy Pressure Relief Mattress Overlay

Roho do not just do cushions, they do mattresses and mattress overlays too. For individuals who have a stage I or stage II ischemic ulcer, the Roho Prodigy Pressure Relief Mattress Overlay uses Dry Floatation technology to provide distributed pressure over the entire body. Popular among individuals who are bed bound this mattress overlay comes with a hand inflation pump and with the choice of either purchasing individual sections of the overlay or the full overlay, which means you can target the weak area with ease.

Roho Dry Flotation Mattress Overlay
Roho Prodigy Pressure Relief Mattress Overlay

Choose the Right Pressure Relief Product for You

If you're buying for yourself, for someone else, or if you work in a hospital or care facility, it's important that you choose the right pressure relief product. If you aren't a professional, you should always consult a healthcare professional before purchase to ensure that the product is right for you. If you want to find out more, or want to find the product for you, you can find our wide list of Pressure Relief products and Pressure Relief Cushions on our website.

Do you have any questions, or would you like a recommendation? Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team at 020 7501 0592 or leave us a message in the comment section below.

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