Samsoft 175 Electric Hoist

Samsoft 175 Electric Hoist
  • Samsoft electric hoist for repositioning and transfers
  • Allows for the safe and secure transfers of users lacking mobility
  • Entirely electric design allows for full-handset control
  • Folds down vertically for space-saving easy storage 
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Samsoft 175 Electric Hoist

The Samsoft 175 Electric Hoist is a compact and mobile electric folding hoist capable of lifting users weighing up to 175kg (386lbs). This fully electric hoist is easy to operate and is fully electric. It is controlled by an ergonomic and user-friendly handset.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Electric Hoist

What Does The Samsoft 175 Do?

The Samsoft 175 is an electric hoist designed to move disabled users from one position to another. The attached carriage is stable and secure and the entire unit moves on 360° swivel castors for enhanced ease of movement.


Using a sling style carriage, the user enters the sling from their initial position on their bed or in their chair. Then, using the electronic handset, the operator raises the swing, lifting the user from their bed or chair. They can then be lowered into their wheelchair or on to the toilet using the reverse function on the remote once in position.

How Much Weight Can It Take?

The maximum carriage weight of the 175 is 175kg or 386lbs, making it suitable for use with most users.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully electric operation
  • Lifting capacity of 175kg (376lbs)
  • Four 75mm 360° swivel castors
  • Lightweight frame is easy to manoeuvre into required position and storage
  • Easily fits through standard 63cm wide doorways
  • Legs open electronically for ease of positioning
  • Low chassis height of 9.5cm allows the unit to slide in under most beds
  • Battery can be charged on the hoist itself
  • Built in emergency stop function
  • Excellent and space preserving vertical storage option

Where and How Is This Hoist Stored?

The hoist can be folded into a vertical position and stored seamlessly. Alternatively, there are a number of dynamic positional adjustment  functions that allow you to tailor the storage of your hoist to fit your storage requirements. 

Lightweight and Flexible Frame

The 175 features a lightweight yet incredibly reliable framing system. Controlled electronically, the hoist itself remains in a fixed position until adjusted using the easy-to-use handset. This allows the operator and user to feel safe and secure when the hoist is in operation.


  • Internal Leg Spacing: 52cm to 96.5cm
  • Castor Size: 75mm
  • Lifting Capacity Weight: 175kg (386lbs or 27st 7lbs)
  • Lifting Range (underside of spreader bar): 55cm to 174cm
  • Maximum Width Between Legs : 96.5

Folded and Unfolded Dimensions

  • Unfolded Length: 135cm
  • Unfolded Width: 63cm
  • Unfolded Height: 136cm - 189cm
  • Folded Length: 131cm
  • Folded Width: 63cm
  • Folded Height: 43cm

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