Sidhil Bariatric II Dynamic Pressure Relief Mattress System

Sidhil Bariatric II Dynamic Pressure Relief Mattress System
  • Pressure relief rating: High risk
  • Designed for bariatric patients up to 320kg (50 stone)
  • Provides alternating dynamic pressure care with 19 air cells
  • Inflated side supports provide added stability and comfort
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Sidhil Bariatric II Dynamic Pressure Relief Mattress System

Bariatric patients will often require specialised equipment for their pressure care, which means the use of a bariatric profiling bed along with a bariatric pressure relief mattress. The Sidhil Bariatric II Dynamic Pressure Relief Mattress System is designed for use with the Bradshaw Bariatric Low Profiling Bed, and uses 19 alternating air cells along with static head and heel cells to provide comfort, stability and safety to bariatric patients. With 15 minute cycles and a unique 'Nurse Mode', this mattress is an ideal pressure relief solution for bariatric patients at high risk of pressure ulcer development.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for use with the Sidhil Bradshaw Bariatric Low Profiling Bed
  • Designed for those at high risk of pressure sores and ulcer development
  • Suitable for bariatric patients up to 320kg (50 stone)
  • Uses a three cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy system
  • Includes an integral foam under layer with built-in hip and knee hinges
  • Full mattress replacement system suitable for use without an underlay
  • Operates with a 15 minute cycle for optimal pressure relief
  • Features a revolutionary 'cell-in-cell' structure to prevent mattress from bottoming out
  • Can continue to provide relief for up to 24 hours after power failure
  • Includes 19 air cells with static head and narrow heel cells for comfort and stability
  • Inflated side supports provide added stability and peace of mind
  • Unique twin compressor control allows faster inflation and more reliable operation
  • Intuitive digital control system controls static or alternating modes
  • Does not require turning to minimise staff handling time
  • 'Nurse mode' raises pressure to highest setting for 20 minute period
  • Automatically reverts to alternating mode after 'Nurse Mode'
  • Easy transport due to 'Blanking Plate' that keeps mattress inflated
  • Ideal for use with bariatric profiling beds
  • Supplied with a multi-stretch, waterproof and vapour-permeable cover
  • Visible and audible alarms for low pressure, alternating failure and power failure
  • CPR unit provides extra safety in the event of an emergency
  • Unique 'G' connector with safety catch provides alternative CPR system

Advanced Alternating Air Cycles

This advanced mattress uses 19 alternating air cells, with a three cell alternating dynamic pressure system on 15 minute cycles. This system allows the mattress to provide excellent dynamic pressure care, while static head cells and narrow heel cells provide added stability and relief for these key areas. The unique circular air cells provide constant and even pressure, ensuring there are no dangerous high pressure zones throughout the mattress.

Intuitive Controls with 'Nurse Mode'

This mattress is easy to control with an easy-to-use digital control system to manipulate both static and alternating modes. A unique 'Nurse Mode' allows carers to raise the pressure of the mattress to its highest setting for 20 minutes, allowing nursing procedures to be carried out in a safe and stable manner.

Safe and Efficient

In order to adapt to any situation that arises, this mattress is operated with twin compressor control, allowing pressure to be raised or lowered quickly with little chance of error. CPR systems are also included, and transport is facilitated by a 'blanking plate' that keeps the mattress inflated throughout transfers.

Technical Details

  • Maximum user weight: 320kg (50 stone)
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 28 x 200 x 115cm
  • Mattress weight: 12kg
  • Turn cycle: Non-turn
  • Warranty: 2 years

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Delivery Expectations of the Sidhil Bariatric II Dynamic Pressure Relief Mattress System

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