Sidhil Elland Bradshaw Bed Grab Handle

Sidhil Elland Bradshaw Bed Grab Handle
  • Suitable for Bradshaw Beds with attached side rails
  • Situated in the bed to avoid clashes with the side rails
  • Aids patients with sitting, standing or transfers
  • No tools required for easy attachment
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Sidhil Elland Bradshaw Bed Grab Handle

Many patients with restricted mobility may find it difficult to transfer themselves in and out of bed without assistance, leading to a loss of independence and a drain on carer time. The Sidhil Elland Bradshaw Bed Grab Handle allows patients to provide that assistance to themselves, and is designed to be used with any of the Bradshaw beds with fitted wooden side rails. The handle is positioned on the inside of the side rails so the two aids do not compromise the other's performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable to use with any of the Bradshaw Beds with wooden side rails attached
  • Connects to the framework of the bed for stability
  • Allows patients to transfer in and out of bed without carer assistance
  • Situated within the bed to avoid clashes with the side rails
  • Can be used with the side rail up or down
  • Helps a user transition to a seated position
  • Suitable for transfers to a wheelchair or a commode
  • Stabilises a patient as they move into a standing position
  • Balances and supports the patient as they shift their weight
  • Easy to attach with hand wheels
  • Ergonomically designed hand wheels means no tools are required
  • Magnolia finish for a sleek design
  • BioCote coating for hygiene and to prevent cross-contamination
  • Suitable for care home/hospice or community equipment store environments
  • Dimensions (HxW): 30 x 33.1cm
  • Weight: 2.3kg

Easy Attachment

This Bed Grab Handle is simple to attach to the framework of your bed or profiling bed, and can be clamped on in seconds without the use of tools. Fastening easily with the included hand wheels for tightening, this handle provides a great deal of independence and assistance with a minimal amount of staff time dedicated to setup and attachment.

Increase Independence and Carer Time

Carers of patients with low levels of mobility can often spend a lot of time helping them in and out of bed, hurting their ability to provide adequate care in other areas. By increasing the independence of the patient, this Bed Grab Handle can help provide carers with more time to complete other tasks while the patient safely enters and leaves their bed independently.

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