Systam Positioning Wedge for the Upper Limbs

Systam Positioning Wedge for the Upper Limbs
 Systam Positioning Wedge for the Upper LimbsSystam Positioning Wedge for the Upper Limbs 
  • Positioning wedge to support the arm while sitting or lying down
  • Ideal for low-mobility users at risk of developing oedema
  • Anatomical shape ensures user comfort over extended periods
  • Supplied with a multi-stretch and vapour-permeable cover
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Systam Positioning Wedge for the Upper Limbs

For those that suffer from or are at risk of oedema, it's important to take steps to combat the condition before more serious problems develop. The Systam Positioning Wedge for the Upper Limbs is designed to both prevent and reduce oedema, maintaining the comfort of the user while reducing the damaging effects of friction and shearing on the arms.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Systam Positioning Wedge
  • 1 x Vapour-permeable cover

Who Should Use the Systam Positioning Wedge?

This positioning aid is ideal for any patient at risk of oedema development, and is suitable for use in order or to reduce oedema or prevent it from appearing. The versatile design makes the wedge suitable for use whether the patient is sitting or lying down, and the anatomical shape ensures comfort for long hours of use. This wedge is also suitable for use by perfusion or hemiplegic patients.

How Comfortable Is the Systam Wedge?

This positioning wedge has been designed to be as easy to use for care teams as possible, with an anatomical shape that respects the natural curve of the arm. This shape helps to guarantee patient comfort and maintain the position of the upper limbs over time. It is a specially-designed shape built in accordance with industry recommendations for upper limbs in declining positions.

Versatile Design

The wedge is suitable for use by patients in the semi-fowler position (raised chest and/or legs). It can also be used in the lying position, where the extension of the elbow avoids restricting vein perfusion in the forearm and allows access for a drip to be put in place. The Systam Positioning Wedge for the Upper Limbs is symmetrical, so it can be used on both the right and left hand side and also facilitates handling during position reversal.

Systam positioning wedge for the upper limbs extension fowler

Breathable, Non-Slip Cover

The cover supplied as standard with this wedge is hygienic, comfortable and safe with a range of features to make it suitable for medical environments. It is made with a two-way stretch, vapour-permeable material to maintain comfort and allow the wedge to breathe. The cover is also waterproof and non-slip, protecting the inner foam from fluids and ensuring that it stays where it needs to.

systam positioning wedge vapour-permeable cover

Tested for Fire Safety

All Systam products have been tested for fire safety under BS 7177:2008 for resistance to ignition. This includes tests in accordance with BS EN 597-1, BS EN 597-2 and BS 6807.

Key Features

  • Designed to reduce and prevent oedema in the arms
  • Anatomical shape follows natural curve of the arm
  • Reduces friction and shear effects of high risk areas
  • Maintains limb position over time while remaining comfortable
  • Suitable for use by patients in the semi-fowler position
  • Extension of the elbow while lying down avoids restricting vein perfusion
  • Symmetrical for effective use on the left or right arm
  • Comfortable and easily adjustable attachment system
  • Supplied with a vapour permeable, waterproof cover
  • Can be washed at 90°C or decontaminated using cold sprays
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 650 x 370 x 155mm

This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene

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