Apex Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushion (Care Home Pack of 5)

Apex Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushion (Care Home Pack of 5)
 Apex Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushion (Care Home Pack of 5)Apex Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushion (Care Home Pack of 5) 
  • Pressure relief rating: Very high risk
  • Pack of five pressure relief cushions designed for 24-hour care
  • Hybrid foam and air design reduces the risk of 'bottoming out'
  • Reduced price per cushion – ideal for care homes and hospitals
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Apex Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushion (Care Home Pack of 5)

Care homes will often have to cater to multiple patients with complex pressure care needs, and pressure relief cushions can be prohibitively expensive if purchased individually. The Apex Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushion (Care Home Pack of 5) provides a medical facility with five lightweight hybrid cushions designed to provide alternating pressure therapy, allowing care to be provided to multiple high to very high risk pressure patients at a reduced cost.

What's Included?

  • 5 x Apex Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushions
  • 5 x Pumps with Mains Power Operation
  • 5 x Fire Retardant Covers

Bulk Pack of Five at a Reduced Cost

While the Sedens 410 is designed as an affordable option for high specification pressure sore prevention, additional delivery and manufacturing costs make ordering many separate cushions less than cost effective. This Care Home Pack of 5 combines multiple cushions into a single order, providing a greatly reduced cost for each individual cushion. This is an ideal option for care homes or other medical facilities that may have to repeatedly order pressure care cushions for their patients.

Who Can Benefit from the Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushion?

This cushion is designed for patients who require 24-hour pressure care, representing a supportive complementary device to their existing pressure relief mattress. With this cushion, patients will be able to be transferred from bed to chair with peace of mind that powerful pressure relief will still be provided.

How Does This Cushion Provide Pressure Relief?

This cushion primarily provides pressure relief through six air cells with foam encased, designed to function as a one-piece hybrid pad. These cells will slowly inflate and deflate with the use of the included pump, ensuring no area of the buttocks is subject to undue pressure for more than a few minutes. Through this alternating air process, the risk of pressure sore development is greatly reduced.

Why Is This a 'Hybrid' Cushion?

This cushion is made with a hybrid design, meaning that it includes both a supportive foam component and alternating air cells. This design is ideal for 24 hour care, as it ensures that 'bottoming out' is avoided while the patient is sitting for long periods. The foam is encased within the alternating air cells, providing a two-fold approach to pressure care.

What Is 'Bottoming Out'?

'Bottoming Out' is the term used to describe when a cushion or mattress begins to fold under the weight of the user, causing a small portion of the patient's body to come into contact with the surface below. This can be a dangerous situation for patients at high pressure sore risk, which is why the hybrid design of this cushion is beneficial.

Is This Cushion Suitable for Wheelchair Use?

This cushion is designed primarily for use in care homes, hospitals and residential care environments. There is a similar version of this cushion that is battery-powered and designed for use in wheelchairs, called the Apex Sedens 500 Pressure Relief Alternating Air Wheelchair Cushion.

Which Pump Does This Cushion Use?

This cushion uses the same powerful, yet nearly silent, pump that is included with the Apex Domus 3 Pressure Relief Alternating Air Mattress Overlay. This makes these two products uniquely suited to use as a 24 hour pressure care system, as the pump can be switched between the two whenever pressure care is needed to be transferred between seating and bedding.

How Does the Sedens 410 Assist with Pressure Care Plans?

The versatility of this pressure relief cushion makes it ideal as a part of complex or 24 hour pressure care plan. When used in conjunction with other Apex Medical products such as the Domus 3 mentioned above, pressure care can cover multiple areas of the patient's life without the repeated costs that can come from buying multiple pumps.

Is This Pressure Relief Cushion Supplied with a Cover?

Yes, this cushion is supplied with a cover that is designed to protect the cushion while enhancing comfort and reducing shear and friction for the patient. The cover is Crib 7 fire retardant, with high moisture vapour transmission that enhances breathability while wicking moisture away from the user. Seams are welded, ensuring maximum resistance to fluid ingress.

How Stable is This Cushion?

Sliding and instability can be a concern for pressure relief cushions, as patients often lack the postural support to ensure they stay in the correct position. That's why this cushion is designed with a non-slip base, helping it stay in position to provide peace of mind to the patient and carer alike.

Is There a Maximum User Weight for the Sedens 410?

Due to the strong materials used in the Sedens 410 Pressure Relief Cushion, there is no weight limit. Carers must ensure that the cushion is properly sized to the individual, as if the cushion is too small for the patient's buttocks, the pressure relief capabilities will be compromised.

Which Wheelchairs Can the Cushion Be Used With?

The Apex Sedens Cushion can be used with virtually any wheelchair. This includes those with fabric or canvas seat bases, as well as those with a firm or solid seat base. It can also be used with self-propelled, manual, electric and transit wheelchairs.

Can The Sedens Cushion Be Used with Recliner Chairs?

Yes, this cushion is highly versatile thanks to its non-slip base, allowing it be used with a wide variety of chairs including rise recliners.

Technical Information

  • Cushion Dimensions (WxLxD): 44 x 41 x 9cm
  • Cell height: 7.6cm
  • Cushion weight 1.11kg
  • Flame retardancy: EN 597-1 and EN 597-2
  • Cover material: Stretch PU polyester
  • Cell material: Nylon PU
  • Base material: Non-slip PU Polyester
  • Pump dimensions (WxLxD): 29 x 18.5 x 12.6cm
  • Pump weight: 2.2kg
  • Power supply: ACC 220 - 240V, 50Hz
  • Cycle time: 9.6 minutes (at 230V)

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