Harvest Prime Comfort Plus Bariatric Pressure Relief Replacement Mattress (1200mm)

Harvest Prime Comfort Plus Bariatric Pressure Relief Replacement Mattress (1200mm)
 Harvest Prime Comfort Plus Bariatric Pressure Relief Replacement Mattress (1200mm)Harvest Prime Comfort Plus Bariatric Pressure Relief Replacement Mattress (1200mm) 
  • Pressure relief rating: High risk
  • Stable pressure relief mattress for bariatric patients
  • Reinforced side walls enhance stability during profiling and transfers
  • Extra-wide 1200mm width designed to fit bariatric profiling beds
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Harvest Prime Comfort Plus Bariatric Pressure Relief Replacement Mattress (1200mm)

Standard mattresses with lower weight capacities may not be suitable for larger users, and wider designs are often needed to fit bariatric profiling beds. The Harvest Prime Comfort Plus Bariatric Pressure Relief Replacement Foam Mattress (1200mm) provides excellent pressure distribution for bariatric patients at high risk of pressure sore development, and features an extra-wide surface and reinforced side walls to aid with stability during patient transfers.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Foam pressure relief mattress (1200mm wide)
  • 1 x Two-way stretch cover

How Does the Prime Comfort Mattress Prevent Pressure Sores?

Built with two layers of high-quality foam, this mattress is designed to spread the patient's weight out evenly across the surface to minimise 'hot spots', or zones of the skin that may incur an especially high amount of pressure. This makes the Prime Comfort Bariatric Mattress exceptionally comfortable for the patient, while reducing the risk of pressure sores for those up to a high risk of developing them.

What Makes This Pressure Care Mattress So Stable?

As bariatric transfers of larger users will require stronger materials that won't bend when the patient nears the side, this mattress is designed for maximum stability. The inner foam of this mattress is supported by a high density base and U-shaped side wall construction, enhancing stability during profiling and movement. As the side walls provide a more rigid frame to the mattress, they help to provide a stable surface for the patient during transfers.

How Does Castellation Enhance Pressure Relief?

The foam of this mattress is cut into castellated portions, providing a number of benefits. A castellated foam top allows excess heat to escape from underneath, helping to avoid patient overheating while minimising friction forces on the skin. The castellated top layer also allows the mattress to conform the body shape of the user, creating a specifically tailored experience for each patient.

Designed for Easy Profiling

While the base of the Prime Comfort Plus Bariatric Mattress is designed with a higher density foam, small openings around the base provide some flexibility for profiling. The keyhole slots in the high density base allow this mattress to be used with profiling beds, allowing the patient to be moved into a number of advantageous positions without compromising pressure relief.

Is the Mattress Supplied with a Cover?

To protect the mattress, it is supplied as standard with a two-way stretch, vapour-permeable PU cover that is waterproof to guard against spills and fluids. Welded seams ensure the cover is durable, while the breathability keeps the patient cool and free from moisture.

This fully sealed cover ensures the mattress meets specialist requirements and is suitable for use in mental health units. The high frequency welded seams also help to reduce the possibility of fluid ingress, thereby improving infection control protocols.

Key Features

  • Extra-wide mattress with bariatric capacity and added stability
  • Suitable for use with patients at high risk of pressure sores
  • Provides excellent reinforced pressure redistribution
  • U-shaped side wall construction assists in patient transfers
  • Two layers of foam provide complex and complete support
  • Includes a soft castellated foam top with high density base
  • Suitable for use with fully profiling beds
  • Castellated foam conforms to the user's body shape while preventing overheating
  • Keyhole slots in the high density base aid profiling
  • Complete with fully welded, vapour-permeable waterproof cover

Specifications and Dimensions

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2000 x 1200 x 140mm
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Max user weight: 247kg (39 stone)

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