Matrx Flo-tech Plus Foam and Gel Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion

Matrx Flo-tech Plus Foam and Gel Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion
  • Pressure relief rating: High risk
  • Combines contoured foam with a gel sac at the rear
  • Gel sac helps to reduce pressure on the ischial tuberosities
  • Castellated contoured surface provides stability and support
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Matrx Flo-tech Plus Foam and Gel Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion

Foam pressure relief cushions provide excellent comfort and weight distribution on their own, and when foam is combined with gel, pressure relief can be enhanced even further. The Matrx Flo-tech Plus Foam and Gel Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion is made with a contoured foam design that features an integrated gel sac at the rear to protect the vulnerable ischial tuberosities from pressure. The deep foam design of this cushions allows it provide excellent pressure relief, suitable for those at high risk of pressure sore development.

This cushion is available in a range of sizes and with a choice of four covers. Select your desired options using the drop-down menus above.

Key Features

  • Provides pressure relief suitable for those at high risk of pressure ulcer development
  • Made with a combination of contoured foam and gel to provide excellent relief
  • Gel sac is included at the rear to protect the ischial tuberosities
  • Deep moulded foam makes the cushion suitable for those who are clinically obese
  • Ideal for those who would like a higher sitting position
  • Shaped design maximises contact surface area and pressure distribution
  • Available with a range of two-way stretch, water-resistant covers
  • Covers are treated to be ingress-resistant to reduce contamination risk
  • Foam is treated with Ultra-fresh to reduce odour and bacteria
  • Offers increased pelvic and lateral stability to enhance posture
  • Suitable for users up to a maximum user weight of 152kg (24 stone)

Deep Castellated Contoured Foam

The contoured and castellated foam of this cushion offers an exceptional level of pressure distribution, improving both comfort and safety for the user. The castellations allow each section of the cushion to move independently, significantly reducing the shear and friction that can lead to pressure sores. As this cushion is made with a deep moulded foam design, it is ideal for clinically obese users, or those that would like a higher sitting position.

Gel for Enhanced Relief

The ischial tuberosities provide a unique challenge for carers, as they are particularly difficult to protect from pressure sores. To solve this problem, the cushion includes a fluid sac at the rear, targeting the ischial tuberosities to provide superior levels of protection and relief.

Ingress-Resistant Covers

The covers supplied with this cushion are ingress-resistant to improve both hygiene and longevity. Treated with a fluorocarbon-based fluid repellent finish to prevent wetting and reduce risk of contamination, these covers prevent fluid ingress and aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Cover Choices

The covers for the Flo-Tech cushions come with a variety of features to best suit your needs and make maintenance simple:

Spacer Cover

  • Allows air to circulate
  • Reduces the risk of moisture/air build up
  • Multi-stretch
  • May prevent maceration 

Black Wipedown Cover

  • A fabric outer surface
  • Multi-stretch
  • Water-resistant, easy to maintain wipedown surface
  • Vapour-permeable
  • Facilitates easy transfer
  • Suitable for clients with continence issues

Black Smooth Cover

  • Black fabric material
  • Multi-stretch
  • Vapour-permeable
  • Reduces potential for perspiration and irritation of the skin
  • Facilitates easy transfers

Baltic Blue PU Cover

  • Two-way stretch materials
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Prevents soiling of cushion

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 103mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Maximum user weight: 152kg (24 stone)
  • Max cleaning temperature: 80°C
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Certification:
    • Interior foam: BS EN 1021-1, BS EN 1021-2, BS 5852: 1982 Crib 5

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