S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge

S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge
S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation SledgeS-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation SledgeS-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation SledgeS-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge
  • Evacuation sledge for bariatric patients up to 300kg
  • Designed for safer evacuation during emergencies
  • Easy to store and quick to deploy for convenience
  • Extra abdominal belts provide improved security
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S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge

Bedridden patients are extremely vulnerable in emergency scenarios, since they often can't move on their own, let alone escape in evacuations. Bariatric patients are even more susceptible to serious injury or worse, which is where the S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge comes in handy. Quite literally a lifesaver, this mattress allows medical staff to protect patients of up to 300kg through rapid evacuation with a simple design for easy carrying.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Bariatric Evacuation Sledge

Key Features

  • Bariatric evacuation sledge protects vulnerable, bariatric and bedridden patients
  • Enables two carers to safely evacuate their patients in emergency situations
  • Ideal for heavier patients with a weight limit of up to 300kg for use on most patients
  • Unfolded and fitted around the patient while they stay on the mattress for immobile patients
  • Robust straps secure patients to prevent slipping and sliding during evacuation
  • Suitable for evacuations downstairs for people who struggle with stairs
  • Machine washable for hygiene and convenience, ideal for use in care facilities
  • 100% polyester design is easy to care for and robust
  • Fire retardant for safe use in fire emergencies, with an M1 classification
  • Antibacterial design keeps patients safe (particularly those evacuated from hospitals) to prevent illness

What Is the Weight Capacity of the Bariatric Evacuation Sledge?

Designed for heavier patients, the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD offers a maximum user weight capacity of 300kg.

How Does the S-CAPEPOD Work?

Intended for use with bedridden or immobile patients, the S-CAPEPOD is unfolded and fitted around the patient while they remain on the bed mattress. The side flaps and foot-end section envelope the patient to ensure they are as safe and secure as possible during an evacuation.

The Evacuation Sledge is held securely together by the heavy-duty hook-and-loop fixation system. The hand-hold straps can then be used to manoeuvre the patient and mattress together to a safe location. Please see the PDF below for instructions on how to use the S-CAPEPOD, as well as a list of safety information.

Learn More About the S-CAPEPOD

Watch the video below to see the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD in action.

Where Can the S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sledge Be Used?

The S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sledge is designed for use in environments where bedridden or immobile bariatric patients may stay. This includes:

How Does the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD Improve Safety During Evacuations?

In addition to the increased size and weight capacity of the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD, it has also been fitted with extra abdominal belts. The extra abdominal belts help to ensure that the patient can be firmly fixed onto the mattress as tightly as possible, which is particularly crucial for safety during vertical evacuations down staircases.

How Many People Are Needed to Move the Evacuation Sledge?

It is recommended that two to three people are required for securing the patient into the sledge and then moving them. This helps to ensure that both the handlers and the patient are as safe as possible during the evacuation.

Can I Use the S-CAPEPOD with Stairs?

The S-CAPEPOD is suitable for evacuations down stairs. The inclusion of extra abdominal belts help to ensure that the patient can be securely fixed into the sledge for vertical evacuations down stairs.

With Which Mattress Sizes Can the Bariatric Evacuation Sledge Be Used?

The Bariatric Evacuation Sledge can be used with mattresses of the following sizes:

The packed size of the S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge is 40 x 30cm (16" x 12").

How Easy Is It to Store the Bariatric Evacuation Sledge?

The Bariatric Evacuation Sledge is incredibly easy to store. It's designed to be stored underneath the mattress so that it is always to hand in an emergency.

How Hygienic Is the S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sledge?

Made with antibacterial materials, the S-CAPEPOD is an incredibly hygienic option. It is also permeable to further improve hygiene.

How Do I Wash and Clean the S-CAPEPOD Sledge?

The S-CAPEPOD Sledge can be machined washed after use to keep it clean and hygienic. It can be washed at 60°C, then dried on a low temperature.

Please note that the S-CAPEPOD must not be ironed, bleached, or cleaned with chemicals.

What Is the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD Made From?

The Bariatric S-CAPEPOD is made from 100% polyester. It is also fire retardant with an M1 classification.

Key Documentation

For more information on this product, please see the below instruction manual:

Techical Specifications

  • Maximum User Weight: 300kg (660lb)
  • Product Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lb)
  • Compatible Mattress Width: 100cm - 125cm (39" x 49")
  • Compatible Mattress Length: 216cm (85")
  • Packed Size: 40cm x 30cm (16" x 12")
  • Antibacterial Treatment: Sanitized TH 27-24
  • Maximum Mattress Width: 100cm to 125cm (39" to 49")
  • Maximum Mattress Length: 216cm (85")

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