Profiling Beds

In any care facility, patient safety and comfort are a top priority, so it's important to be able to properly position them for both leisure activities and nursing procedures. Our Profiling Beds allow a range of positioning options to provide ideal support and positioning, allowing versatile adaptations at the touch of a button. If you have any questions or would like a recommendation, you can contact our Customer Care Team at 020 7501 0592.

All Profiling Beds

Whether in a hospital, residential or care home environment, choosing the right bed for your patients is a crucial factor to their well-being. Our Profiling Beds are equipped with all sorts of features to make adjustments to positioning as efficient and simple as possible, helping to ensure your patients are always as comfortable as can be.

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Bariatric Profiling Beds

Every patient deserves the best equipment to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, and this is especially important for bariatric patients who may have special care requirements. Our Bariatric Profiling Beds feature reinforced capacities, making positioning adjustments for leisure and nursing procedures easy and safe for patients and carers alike.

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Community Profiling Beds

Community care facilities need to be ready for anything, as patient requirements and circumstances can provide all sorts of unique difficulties. Our Community Profiling Beds are designed to be as versatile and efficient as possible, with easy setup and disinfection as well as all the features needed to make every patient as safe and comfortable as possible.

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Extra Wide Profiling Beds

Every patient is unique, so you need to make sure your care facility is ready to meet each and every patient's special needs. Our Extra Wide Profiling Beds are made for larger patients that require a larger and more robust bed, ensuring your care team can react to any need in a prompt and efficient manner.

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Low Profiling Beds

For patients at risk of falling out of bed, doing everything possible to reduce the risk of injury is crucial. Our Low Profiling Beds are designed to be low to the ground, minimising any injury the patient may incur as a result of a fall from bed.

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Paediatric Profiling Beds

Medical care environments can be especially scary for children, so it's important that carers do everything in their power to ensure the process is as comfortable and smooth as possible. Our Paediatric Profiling Beds are designed to provide comfort for the patient and hassle-free adjustments for carers, helping to avoid any difficulties that could add unwanted difficulties to care procedures.

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Standard Height Profiling Beds

The height of your hospital bed is an important factor, as it can have effects on both the ease of access for carers and the overall safety of the patient. Our Standard Height Profiling Beds are fully adjustable, allowing a safe working height for carers to make transfers and other procedures as safe and efficient as possible.

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Trendelenburg Profiling Beds

For certain medical procedures, placing patients at a steep incline can be advantageous to both blood and air flow to facilitate the treatment process. Our Trendeleburg Profiling Beds allow a wide range of positioning options, providing physicians and carers with full access to the patient to suit most procedures.

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